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Freelancing: Why, What and Where

  • When most people find out that I am a Freelancer the first question they ask is usually always,

    How do you find work?

    I answer them by telling them that 80% of my projects come through third party websites which offer a platform for clients to post tasks or jobs online and freelancers then send proposals to them and wait for a response. The other 20% is word-of-mouth, or simply a chance meeting with a person who is looking to expand their business and lastly using social media sites such as Facebook and participating in group chats dedicated to helping people find the right freelancer.

    The second question commonly asked is,

    Why did you want to do this?

    Just like with any decision you make it must be made with an interest and genuine passion otherwise you will not be able to do the work required. So, I think about it like this: If I had a hobby or pastime that I would do just because I loved it what would it be? Well for me it is creating websites and everything to do with it. The challenges it brings because I am addicted to finding the solution and crave that feeling of success in completing a task step-by-step. The same reason why I love hiking and reaching high summits, not only to enjoy the beautiful view but to take in the sense of accomplishment I feel after a tough challenge, which was necessary to reach the top and complete the goal. It’s not always about the goal too, as I manage my own projects there is no feeling of letting someone else down apart form myself and I can live with that. A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. I go with the flow because if there is an area that is taking up too much time in the project I keep pushing on for the client and no one else. There is less stress of being on time for other people other than the client and this, in turn, allows a better frame of mind when working. Less stress equals a better quality of work produced.

    Often if the person who is curious enough will ask me,

    Where do you work?

    Which is wherever I feel comfortable and depends on the project. If it is a tough project I focus more in my office in the converted loft and for the easier ones I simply grab my laptop and sit at a library so that I can grab a latte on the way home. This is perfect for those days where I feel isolated and often I meet up with friends for lunch while I am out of the house. Also, I do prefer my home as I don’t get any funny looks when randomly doing yoga poses in front of the desk or in the garden because there is no one to judge : )

    I am always open to new opportunities and I take mindfulness very seriously, because a happy worker, is a good worker!  The importance of this is explained further in this article.


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